I can’t sell my house what do I do?

I can’t sell my house what do I do?

I have been have trouble selling my house. I’ve tried everything. I lowered the price. I hired a Realtor. I still can’t seem to sell my house.

Does this sound like you? A majority of Americans know about the housing market in the U.S. but do not exactly know how it works. Simply hiring a Realtor and asking them to list the property at a certain price will not translate to the house being sold at the price you’re asking for automatically.

But I lowered the price I did exactly as my Realtor told me to do!

The real estate market like any other market shift and changes all of the time. One can list their home with a Realtor in the summer and get an offer they wouldn’t get in the winter.

What? Now I can’t sell my house in the winter?

No what I mean is that the best time to sell your home is when the demand for your type of property is up. The last thing you want is trying to sell a multi-unit property in a climate that single family properties are selling. Your local Realtor will be able to tell you what type of climate the market is currently in.

I can’t sell my house without a Realtor?

Also not true. There are other options for a homeowner to sell their home. FSBO is one way. There is also the option to sell quickly for cash through a home buying service like USA Online REI.

I can’t sell my house FSBO it is too hard.

For some it can be daunting to sell your home FSBO but to others it can be a breeze. The amount of patience needed and investment to spruce up can be beyond some reach but with the right mind set and dedication one can be successful selling FSBO.

I can’t sell my house to a home buying service they are all just scammers!

Not exactly! Although in every bunch there are a few bad apples most home buying services like USA Online REI are legitimate companies looking to help homeowners sell a home. It is usually a sure thing to sell your house when dealing with one of these companies as long as you have the realization that you will not get full market value for your home. These companies need to make money and although they are here to help they also need to make a profit. So be ready to get an offer well below market value. If you are flexible and willing to commit to the home buying services process you will be saying I can’t sell my house no more!

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